Photo Booth Rental in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Photo Booth Rental in Lake Geneva and  Burlington, Wisconsin

Renting a photo booth for an event gives your guests a fun activity that captures how much they enjoyed the evening. Before you choose a photo booth for an event in Lake Geneva or another Wisconsin city, make sure you find an option that lets your guests have a unique experience that they will always cherish.

A Photo Booth That Makes Videos and Pictures

Why limit your guests to taking still photographs? A magic mirror booth rental uses advanced camera technology that lets people take photographs or make videos. You can even get GIF recordings to send friends or add to your social media accounts.

Get a Photo Booth Built-in and Custom Animation

The magic mirror photo booth rental from Lake Geneva Party Rental gives you a touchscreen that lets you customize all of your photographs.

The touchscreen mirror includes built-in animations that add fun elements to your picture or photo. You can also customize animations for the event. Use custom animations to say congratulate the newlyweds or wish someone a happy birthday.

With builtin and custom animation, you can let your creativity flow to make exciting photographs and videos.

Sign and Stamp Your Photo Booth Pictures

Having a touchscreen means that you can also add signatures and stamps to your photographs. In 30 years, you won't have to play a guessing game to figure out who a guest is. You'll have that person's signature right on the picture.

Stamps include a wide range of images, including smiley faces and fire GIFs that emphasize getting the party fired up!

Let your guests customize their photos easily by touching the features that they want to add. You'll get impressive results that will entertain your guests during the event and years into the future.

Share Images and Videos Via Text, Email, and Social Media

With most photo booths, you have to wait for the rental company to upload images to a website before you can share images with friends. A magic mirror photo booth lets you share images and videos immediately via text, email, and social media.

As soon as someone finishes taking a picture, they can add it to their Facebook feed or text it to their friends. Why wait for days when you can share the experience immediately?

Your guests also get quick prints of their pictures so they will have mementos of the event.

In-Person Assistance Makes Photo Booths More Successful

Each magic mirror photo booth comes with an in-person assistant who stays with the equipment throughout your event. Having an assistant on hand will make your photo booth more successful.

When guests want to try something unique, the assistant can change the booth's settings to get the desired effect. The assistant can also stand to the side and hand out accessories to guests between photographs.

If your photo booth malfunctions, the assistant will reboot the device and get it working ASAP! You don't want to lose precious time during your party.

Rent a Photo Booth From Lake Geneva Party Rental

Request a quote from Lake Geneva Party Rental to get the perfect photo booth rental for your next event. Our team will set up the magic mirror photo booth, give you props, and leave an attendant to make sure you get the most out of your photo booth.

Whether you're hosting a wedding, birthday party, or corporate event, a photo booth can enhance the experience. Get started by requesting your quote from Lake Geneva Party Rental.

Lake Geneva, Burlington, Delavan and Wisconsin Photo booth rental

Lake Geneva, Burlington, Delavan and Wisconsin Photo booth rental

Chandelier Rental in Lake Geneva and Milwaukee Wisconsin

Chandelier Rental in Lake Geneva, Milwaukee, and Wisconsin

The right lighting can turn a party into an extravagant event that guests will remember for the rest of their lives. The next time you host an event, rent a chandelier that will add beautiful lighting and a touch of luxury to the venue.

Not sure what to do with your chandelier rental? Lake Geneva Party Rental has some tips to help you get the most from your chandelier.

Choose a Chandelier Rental Company That Offers Installation

Installing a chandelier can get complicated quickly. You have to pay attention to factors such as:

•          How much weight the ceiling can hold.

•          Whether you have enough electricity to operate the lights.

•          How you can connect the chandelier to an appropriate electrical outlet.

•          Whether you're comfortable doing the work while standing on a tall platform or ladder.

You don't have to worry about those concerns when you get your chandeliers from Lake Geneva Party Rental. The company has experienced employees that will install the lighting for you.

You should have time to enjoy yourself during your event. Let someone else do the hard work!

Make the Chandeliers an Important Part of Your Event

How often do you see chandeliers at parties, weddings, and other events? They're pretty rare these days, so you might as well make your chandeliers an important part of the event.

For instance, you might want to:

•          Position a large chandelier over the dance where a couple will share their first dance.

•          Use several chandeliers to create a pathway from the parking lot to the venue space.

•          Combine chandeliers with other décor options, such as fresh garlands, ballroom drapes, and arbors.

Share your ideas with Lake Geneva Party Rental to learn more about what you can do. As long as the idea is possible to complete safely, Lake Geneva Party Rental will do the job and make your event space look gorgeous.

Get the Best Deal on Your Chandelier Rental

Throwing an event can get expensive, so make sure you get the lowest price possible on your chandelier rental. Contact Lake Geneva Party Rental to get a quote for chandeliers and other items that will make your party a hit!

Milwaukee, Madison, Lake Geneva Chandelier rentals and installation.

Milwaukee, Madison, Lake Geneva Chandelier rentals and installation.

Renting Cobalt Blue Water Glasses In Lake Geneva and Milwaukee Wisconsin

Renting Cobalt Blue Water Glasses for Your Event in Lake Geneva and Wisconsin

When you're hosting a themed event in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, it's important to ensure every detail is perfect. Decorations can help you set the mood of your party, but to create a consistent atmosphere, you need to think about more than banners and ribbons. When every guest has a drink in their hand, will the glassware complement the overall decor of your event?

Why Cobalt Blue Water Glasses?

Cobalt blue water glasses match many party themes perfectly. Whether you are hosting a marine themed event on the shores of Geneva Lake, or simply using cobalt blue as a primary shade in your color scheme, these goblets can help you ensure consistency in your design choices. The deep blue color can make any drink look sophisticated, even if guests are drinking plain water. They're perfectly balanced for stability, reducing the risk of spills spoiling the fun.

Where to Hire Cobalt Blue Water Glasses?

Lake Geneva Party Rental provides cobalt blue water goblets for hire. Check out our selection of tableware, linen, chairs, tables, tents and more to find everything you need for your event. We can also help you out with catering, DJs, karaoke and even movie screens. Simply get in touch and let us know what you need. We can provide the confetti for your lakefront wedding, rent you a snow cone machine to sweeten your soiree, or even bring a bounce house to put the fun in your function.

Planning an Event in Lake Geneva

As a resort city, Lake Geneva is a popular place for vacationers to visit. If you're coming here to celebrate a major milestone in your life, it is important to plan ahead to ensure the party goes as smoothly as possible. Whether you're a visitor or a local, Lake Geneva is the perfect location for a sophisticated social gathering. Be sure to consider every aspect of your design choices so the beauty of your decor matches the serene splendor of the surroundings. This kind of attention to detail marks you out as a great host and expert party planner.

cobalt blue water glas rental lake geneva milwaukee

Wedding Venue Draping and Lighting in Lake Geneva Wisconsin

Wedding Venue Draping in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

When planning a wedding in the Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, area, you and your fiancee certainly have some beautiful and sophisticated venues to choose from. From the Riviera to the Horticultural Hall, there are venues to suit your own particular tastes and budget. In addition to the lovely decor of the venue you ultimately choose, you also have the option of enhancing the setting with unique and stylish elements, such as wedding venue draping.

Many wedding planners in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, choose to add wedding venue draping as part of the overall decor and design of the wedding venue. The draping not only changes the overall atmosphere of a venue, but also gives it an air of elegance and glamour that will leave guests enchanted.

Creative Ways to Use Wedding Venue Draping

Available in a multitude of colors and styles, the cloth draping can be utilized in a variety of ways. You can choose to have a simple backdrop behind the wedding party table, or opt for luxurious ceiling canopies that transform the entire room into a scene reminiscent of royal weddings.

Draping concepts that can also be used include lining the room and even outdoor tents and tent ceilings. When you use wedding venue draping in conjunction with subtle and stunning lighting effects, such as twinkling LED lights or long strands of globe lights, the effects you can achieve will be astonishing.

No matter how large a hall or venue area may be, the draping can be used to create an atmosphere that is intimate. Additionally, different-color draping can be used to create a festive, fun and energized decor.

When you are in the planning stages of your wedding, consider wedding venue draping. The professional party rental specialists at Lake Geneva Party Rental can help you choose the perfect options for your event to make it truly memorable and unique. Serving Lake Geneva, Fontana, Williams Bay, Delavan, Elkhorn and surrounding areas, Lake Geneva Party Rental is a top 2017 pick by The Knot, and will be happy to assist you in all your wedding party rental needs.

Lake Geneva Party Tent Rentals - Wedding Tent Rentals Wisconsin

Lake Geneva Party Tent and Wedding Tent Rentals in Wisconsin

Conventions, weddings and parties: what would they be without a tent or two? Parties without tents are little more than hodge podge social gatherings. An outdoor convention without tents or kiosks can't be defined as much more than off-the-cuff, spur-of-the-moment outings. Getting married outdoors without a tent or two is called eloping.

Tents from Lake Geneva Party Rental serve two purposes: to keep people shaded and to keep people dry.

Keeping cool and dry may sound too elementary to be important; on the contrary, the value of Lake Geneva Party Rental tents is that temporary cover provides these two basic needs.

Whether your function is a private or corporate event, without question, you will discover how Lake Geneva Party Rental tents are absolutely essential to outdoor social functions.

Depending on your social function, there are three tent options you can choose from.

3 Types of Tents: Frame, Pole and Tension

The type of Fontana party rentals tent you choose primarily depends on the size of your function, although the location of the event -- the grounds where the social function will be held -- also play a role.

Remember that each tent model within each type of tent has a capacity. While the capacity of tents is underestimated, meaning more people, chairs and tables will fit under the tent in cases of emergency, the capacity of tents is an indication of how many people can fit under the tent and socialize comfortably.

Take your pick from these three types of tents:

Frame Tents

The smallest and easiest to assemble, frame tents serve extremely well for one-day, smaller conventions, weddings and parties, where staking into the ground is not an option. With a compression-bolt system that makes assembly and disassembly simple and straightforward, there is almost no place you can't put a frame tent as long as you have sufficient floor space.

At times, frame tents are more appropriate than pole and tension tents because people would prefer to be outside. Using a frame tent to cover the food and the cocktail bar is enough, since seating under the sun or cool sky is preferable.

Pole Tents

With a similar structure to that of a frame tent, pole tents have the added advantage of staked lines running up from the ground to the cross-section pieces at the corners and between long runs. Pole tents can withstand heavy rains and strong winds.

Pole tents are the best choice when you have unknown variables, particularly unpredictable spring and fall weather. An unknown number of guests also makes pole tents valuable. If a frame tent may not have enough space underneath, a pole tent is generally a good idea.

Lake Geneva Party Tent Rental - Fontana - Williams Bay - Elkhorn - Burlington

Lake Geneva Party Tent Rental - Fontana - Williams Bay - Elkhorn - Burlington

Tension Tents

Using support beams and high-tension wires, tension tents can be assembled to cover large areas. In addition to covering large areas, tension tents can be assembled with very high ceilings, which means the addition of electricity, lights and ceiling fans is possible.

With respect to aesthetics, tension tents are the prettiest because the typical squared-off rectangle shape of frame and pole tents can be eliminated.

Even though a tension tent may be more than is required for an event, the aesthetics of tension tents may justify going overboard, such as for a wedding celebration.

The Two Axioms of Tent Selection

There are only two mistakes you can make with respect to a Lake Geneva Party Rental Tent tent: selecting one without sufficient capacity and not selecting a tent for a social event at all!

Lake Geneva Fontana Wisconsin Basketball Game Rental

It's time for March madness. Challenge your friends and coworkers to electronic basketball and inflatable basketball games.

Inflatable basketball game rental

Inflatable basketball game rental

Electronic 1 on 1 Basketball Game rental

Electronic 1 on 1 Basketball Game rental

Add full service event decor to complete your March Madness party. From lighting, decoration, projections, and props, Lake Geneva Party Rental has everything you need to make your event unique.

March Madness Event Decor

March Madness Event Decor

Basketball Game Rental in Lake Geneva, Fontana, Williams Bay, and Elkhorn

It's almost time for March Madness, and Lake Geneva Party Rental can help your company or private event get excited for all the action.

Add our electronic basketball game rentals or inflatable basketball game rentals to your event in Lake Geneva, Fontana, Elkhorn, or Williams Bay.

LGPR can also help with venue decor and lighting to create the perfect atmosphere for all the action.

You can even hold an office tournament and see who wins at the end of your brackets.

Electronic one on one basketball game rental

Electronic one on one basketball game rental

Inflatable basketball game rental

Inflatable basketball game rental

Venue lighting and decor Lake Geneva

Venue lighting and decor Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva Wedding DJ Service

When planning your wedding reception, one of the most important aspects that will ensure guests have a great time is your wedding DJ entertainment.

LGPR has performed at 1000s of receptions all over the Midwest and ensures no details are left to chance. Serving Lake Geneva, Fontana, Williams Bay, Elkhorn, and surround areas.


Visit our DJ page to learn more details and request a quote:


Lake Geneva Wedding DJ Service

Lake Geneva Wedding DJ Service

Elkhorn Wedding DJ Service

Elkhorn Wedding DJ Service

Are you ready for some Super Bowl? Lake Geneva Football Game Rentals

It's almost time for the biggest sporting event of the year. We have some great ways to help you celebrate Super Bowl 50 in the Lake Geneva, Fontana, Elkhorn, and Williams Bay area.


Add our inflatable football game challenge to you event Guest strap in for a "tug of war" to reach the end zone.

Beat the clock and complete the most passes with our electronic Football game.

Welcome your guests and set the tone of the party with a "green carpet" welcome!

Football shaped everything. Creative food displays Photo : Fancy Edibles