Photo Booth Rental in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Photo Booth Rental in Lake Geneva and  Burlington, Wisconsin

Renting a photo booth for an event gives your guests a fun activity that captures how much they enjoyed the evening. Before you choose a photo booth for an event in Lake Geneva or another Wisconsin city, make sure you find an option that lets your guests have a unique experience that they will always cherish.

A Photo Booth That Makes Videos and Pictures

Why limit your guests to taking still photographs? A magic mirror booth rental uses advanced camera technology that lets people take photographs or make videos. You can even get GIF recordings to send friends or add to your social media accounts.

Get a Photo Booth Built-in and Custom Animation

The magic mirror photo booth rental from Lake Geneva Party Rental gives you a touchscreen that lets you customize all of your photographs.

The touchscreen mirror includes built-in animations that add fun elements to your picture or photo. You can also customize animations for the event. Use custom animations to say congratulate the newlyweds or wish someone a happy birthday.

With builtin and custom animation, you can let your creativity flow to make exciting photographs and videos.

Sign and Stamp Your Photo Booth Pictures

Having a touchscreen means that you can also add signatures and stamps to your photographs. In 30 years, you won't have to play a guessing game to figure out who a guest is. You'll have that person's signature right on the picture.

Stamps include a wide range of images, including smiley faces and fire GIFs that emphasize getting the party fired up!

Let your guests customize their photos easily by touching the features that they want to add. You'll get impressive results that will entertain your guests during the event and years into the future.

Share Images and Videos Via Text, Email, and Social Media

With most photo booths, you have to wait for the rental company to upload images to a website before you can share images with friends. A magic mirror photo booth lets you share images and videos immediately via text, email, and social media.

As soon as someone finishes taking a picture, they can add it to their Facebook feed or text it to their friends. Why wait for days when you can share the experience immediately?

Your guests also get quick prints of their pictures so they will have mementos of the event.

In-Person Assistance Makes Photo Booths More Successful

Each magic mirror photo booth comes with an in-person assistant who stays with the equipment throughout your event. Having an assistant on hand will make your photo booth more successful.

When guests want to try something unique, the assistant can change the booth's settings to get the desired effect. The assistant can also stand to the side and hand out accessories to guests between photographs.

If your photo booth malfunctions, the assistant will reboot the device and get it working ASAP! You don't want to lose precious time during your party.

Rent a Photo Booth From Lake Geneva Party Rental

Request a quote from Lake Geneva Party Rental to get the perfect photo booth rental for your next event. Our team will set up the magic mirror photo booth, give you props, and leave an attendant to make sure you get the most out of your photo booth.

Whether you're hosting a wedding, birthday party, or corporate event, a photo booth can enhance the experience. Get started by requesting your quote from Lake Geneva Party Rental.

Lake Geneva, Burlington, Delavan and Wisconsin Photo booth rental

Lake Geneva, Burlington, Delavan and Wisconsin Photo booth rental