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Lake Geneva Party Tent and Wedding Tent Rentals in Wisconsin

Conventions, weddings and parties: what would they be without a tent or two? Parties without tents are little more than hodge podge social gatherings. An outdoor convention without tents or kiosks can't be defined as much more than off-the-cuff, spur-of-the-moment outings. Getting married outdoors without a tent or two is called eloping.

Tents from Lake Geneva Party Rental serve two purposes: to keep people shaded and to keep people dry.

Keeping cool and dry may sound too elementary to be important; on the contrary, the value of Lake Geneva Party Rental tents is that temporary cover provides these two basic needs.

Whether your function is a private or corporate event, without question, you will discover how Lake Geneva Party Rental tents are absolutely essential to outdoor social functions.

Depending on your social function, there are three tent options you can choose from.

3 Types of Tents: Frame, Pole and Tension

The type of Fontana party rentals tent you choose primarily depends on the size of your function, although the location of the event -- the grounds where the social function will be held -- also play a role.

Remember that each tent model within each type of tent has a capacity. While the capacity of tents is underestimated, meaning more people, chairs and tables will fit under the tent in cases of emergency, the capacity of tents is an indication of how many people can fit under the tent and socialize comfortably.

Take your pick from these three types of tents:

Frame Tents

The smallest and easiest to assemble, frame tents serve extremely well for one-day, smaller conventions, weddings and parties, where staking into the ground is not an option. With a compression-bolt system that makes assembly and disassembly simple and straightforward, there is almost no place you can't put a frame tent as long as you have sufficient floor space.

At times, frame tents are more appropriate than pole and tension tents because people would prefer to be outside. Using a frame tent to cover the food and the cocktail bar is enough, since seating under the sun or cool sky is preferable.

Pole Tents

With a similar structure to that of a frame tent, pole tents have the added advantage of staked lines running up from the ground to the cross-section pieces at the corners and between long runs. Pole tents can withstand heavy rains and strong winds.

Pole tents are the best choice when you have unknown variables, particularly unpredictable spring and fall weather. An unknown number of guests also makes pole tents valuable. If a frame tent may not have enough space underneath, a pole tent is generally a good idea.

Lake Geneva Party Tent Rental - Fontana - Williams Bay - Elkhorn - Burlington

Lake Geneva Party Tent Rental - Fontana - Williams Bay - Elkhorn - Burlington

Tension Tents

Using support beams and high-tension wires, tension tents can be assembled to cover large areas. In addition to covering large areas, tension tents can be assembled with very high ceilings, which means the addition of electricity, lights and ceiling fans is possible.

With respect to aesthetics, tension tents are the prettiest because the typical squared-off rectangle shape of frame and pole tents can be eliminated.

Even though a tension tent may be more than is required for an event, the aesthetics of tension tents may justify going overboard, such as for a wedding celebration.

The Two Axioms of Tent Selection

There are only two mistakes you can make with respect to a Lake Geneva Party Rental Tent tent: selecting one without sufficient capacity and not selecting a tent for a social event at all!